bagpiper in arizona


A quality tribute lingers fondly forever.

A commonly asked question of Michael is: "What and when do you normally play at a funeral service?"



Although there are many different bagpipe tunes that can be played at different times in a funeral service, what matters most is what the family would like to hear and experience.


The bagpipe offers a unique and memorable aspect to a memorial service or funeral. With a rich and moving tone, they are the perfect complement that adds tribute to your loved one's farewell.


Michael typically plays a tune or two to begin the service and also to end the service, but again, what matters most is what the family desires to experience.  Sometimes he is asked to play 1 single tune in the middle of a service and at other times he is asked to play continuously outside as guests arrive. The sky is the limit.


Call Michael today on his personal cell phone (602) 549-4394 to book your special farewell and to find out more details.